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Savaria B.07 Stairlift

Savaria B.07 Stair Lift in San Francisco Bay

Savaria B.07 Stair Lift

Whether for residential or commercial use, indoors or outdoors, the Savaria B.07 stairlift provides a smooth and safe ride over a straight run of stairs.  A perfect solution for people with reduced mobility, the B.07 stairlift is a solidly built unit that provides reliable operation that you can count on.


Available as an AC-powered or battery-powered unit*, the Savaria B.07's folding seat gives you access to your stairs when the unit is not in use.  Its standard capacity of 300 lb and the adjustable arms provide a spacious seating area.


*The battery-powered option is suitable only for indoor, residential applications.

Savaria B.07 Stair Lift Features:

Seat swivels at the top and bottom: Safety and convenience in getting on and off the chair.

Flexible configurations: Commercial package offered, home unit can be ordered as battery powered.   

Sturdy construction: Durable for reliable operation, even outdoors.

Other standard features: Continuous pressure operation, flip-up padded armrests, foldable footrest, 18" swivel seat that locks in at 45 and 90 degrees, seatbelt and seat swivel switch, adjustable footrest height, adjustable seat height, wall-mounted call/send controls, unit can be mounted for either right or left side installations.   

Standard finish options: Beige carriage, upholstery or vinyl seat.

Safety features:  Safety brake, obstruction sensors, seat belt, non-skid footrest.  

Warranty: 36 months parts.

Savaria B.07 Stairlift Options:

Optional Configurations:  Right or left side of stairs.

Optional Seat: 21" seat (533 mm).

Other Options: Choose vinyl or upholstery seat, 24VDC battery operation or 110/115V 60 Hz unit, outdoor package (vinyl seat, cover for traveling cable, cover, keyed controls).

Technical Information:

Applications:  Commercial, residential, indoors, outdoors

Standard Capacity:  300 lb (136 kg)

Maximum Travel: 32' (975 cm)

Nominal Speed: 18 ft/min (0.09 m/s)

Drive/Motor: Roller chain/sprockets, 1/2 hp  

Power Supply: 120 VAC or 24 volt DC

Rate of Incline:  25˚ to 45˚, straight-run stairs with a constant gradient